School students

Primary school students – For students who want to do TTO at secondary school, there is the choice of private or group lessons in group 7 or 8 to prepare them for it.
Students of all ages have enjoyed lessons which are not only classical learning but also through creative play and learning, as well as baking.
Private lessons are also available for all primary school age children.

Secondary school students – Extra lessons for all school students VMBO 1-4, HAVO 1-5, VWO 1-6. Help with schoolwork or exam training, confidence building, speaking practice.
The Dutch are known to be good English speakers, but not everyone finds it that easy and particularly at the moment with the disturbance of school lessons online, some students have fallen behind. Private lessons allow the student to flourish and improve by focussing on the aspects that are most difficult for them.

Third level students – Extra lessons or exam training, as well as training for the certificates required by international universities such as IELTS or CAE which are necessary to prove your level of English when looking to study abroad. As a result of many lessons taking place online at the moment the need for extra support is very high. Private lessons are recommended.

School student