Info and how it works here.

The Lesson Process

The first step is always an intake appointment. It is free, takes about 20-30 minutes and gives the student the opportunity to express what they need and find out how it works here, as well as allowing me the time to assess their level, which is graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students are then divided into groups according to their levels and needs, or a plan is discussed for individual students. It is recommended to follow at least 25-30 hours to achieve a noticeable improvement.

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Lesson content depends on the student/group but generally most lessons include grammar, vocabulary building exercises, speaking, and listening. Homework usually includes reading with comprehension questions and/or writing.

A variety of materials and media are used in the lessons and for homework assignments, such as internet, radio, TV and books.

There is also a library with a large choice of books for students to borrow.

Online lessons can be on a one – one basis or in a small group (max 5).
Lessons held here in Drunen can be on a one – one basis or with a maximum of 4.


Primary/secondary school – 35 euro per hour

Third level students – 40 euro per hour

Private conversation/holiday/business – 45 euro per hour

Business lessons organised by a company – 55 euro per hour

Group lessons – from 15 euro per hour